Escalating Interrupters

Once I was late for a call with former coach. What made it more significant  than just ordinary lateness was the fact that this was the first call we had arranged. Her response was even more drastic, to my mind.  She put a clause in our contract that stated that […]

Research on Interruptions

In other posts on this blog, I lament the lack of proper research in the entire field of time management, but recently I did come across the following paper that describes some empirical results in a study of interruptions. The original article that quoted the study was  from the New […]

Advanced Interruptions

In the 2Time Management system, there is a fundamental practice called “Interrupting” which is essential in helping to bring a user out of the Flow state when it’s time to move on to the next time demand, or it’s time to attend to an ermegency of some sort. An article […]