Work the System – Now Free

work-the-system.jpgI had the unique fortune of visiting the Work the System website while the book is being offered for free.

While I write a review of the book, I want to invite you to “grab it while you can.”

According to the Work the System website, the book is available for download only until July 27th, 2009 — that’s tomorrow.Ā  While it might very well be extended, this is an excellent book that’s well worth the five minutes it will take to download it.

Download the Work the System e-book here.

2 Replies to “Work the System – Now Free”

  1. It seems we need some sort of “promotional code” to download the book. From the website:

    Please carefully read the following points before proceeding:

    1. Enter your promotional code in the email subject line. Then click SEND. Your pdf copy of, Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less, will be emailed to you.

    2. It is OK to share this opportunity with your friends. Just forward the SBTV email to them.

  2. I think you’re right — I guess I must have done something I forgot about completely.

    I’m looking for the code now.

    Sorry about this — and to think I told everyone on Twitter, Facebook, my sites about this!

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