Library – Habits, Planning and Time Management

This is a snapshot of the papers in my private library, as of August 20, 2018. These papers cover topics in time-based productivity related to habits and planning.

Document Name
A Generalizable Scale of Propensity to Plan Time Money Lynch Netemeyer Spiller Zammit.pdf
A multinomial model of event-based prospective memory Smith Bayen.pdf
A role for memory in prospective timing informs timing in prospective memory Waldum Sahakyan.pdf
A Virtual Week study of prospective memory function in autism Henry.pdf
Action Phases and Mind Sets Gollwitzer.pdf
Beyond self-tracking and reminders - designing smartphone apps for habit Stawarz Cox Blandford 2015.pdf
Combining motivational and volitional interventions to promote exercise Milne et al (2002).pdf
Comparing Time and Event Based Prospective Memory Effects of Delay Conte.pdf
Concurrent Task Management and Prospective Memory - Pilot Error.pdf
Control of Cost in Prospective Memory - Scullin McDaniel Einstein.pdf
Correcting Memory Improves Accuract of Predicted Task Duration Roy Mitten Christenfeld 2008.pdf
Diminished confidence in prospectie memory causes dobts and urges to check Cuttler.pdf
Disassociable Neural Routes to Successful Prospective Memory McDaniel LaMontagne.pdf
Do written goals really make a difference UGM Briefing Matthews.pdf
Does Changing Behavioral Intentions Engender Beahvior Change Webb Sheeran.pdf
Effect of age on event-based and time-based prospective memory Park.pdf
Effects of Time Management Practices on College Grades.pdf
Emerging themes in the development of prospective memory during childhood 2014 Mahy.pdf
Encoding of Prospective Tasks in the Human Prefrotnal Cortex under Varying Task Loads Momennajad Haynes.pdf
Episodic future thinking as a predictor of childrens prospective memory Nigro.pdf
Evaluation of Visual Notification Cues.pdf
Exploring the Planning Fallacy underestimate Buehler.pdf
Finishing on Time - when do predictions influence completion times Buehler.pdf
Forgetting of intentions in demanding situations is rapid Einsten.pdf
Functional neuroimaging studies of prospective memory_ What have we learnt so far_.pdf
Future Thought and Behavior Change Oettingen, G. (2012). In W. Stroebe & M. Hewstone.pdf
Goals Research Summary #2 Gail Matthews.pdf
Habit and intention in everyday life Ouellette Wood 1998.pdf
Habit slips - when consumers unintentionally resist new products Labrecque 2016.pdf
Habits a repeat performance Neal Wood Quinn.2006_.pdf
Habits in Everyday Life - Thought, Emotion, Action Wood Quinn Kashy.2002.pdf
Hero Habits Culver.pdf
How Are Habits Formed - Modelling habit formation Lally.pdf
How Are Habits Formed -Modelling Habit Formation in the Real World.pdf
How Important is importance for prospective memory Walter Meier.pdf
How task demands influence time-based prospective memory performance Martin.pdf
Implementation Intentions do not enhance all types of goals Dewitte.pdf
Implementation Intentions Gollwitzer.pdf
Individual differences in event-based prospective memory Brewer knight Marsh unsworth.pdf
Internalizing Versus Externalizing Control - Time-Based Prospective Memory task Huang Loft Humphreys.pdf
Interruptions Create Prospective Memory Tasks Dodha Dismukes.pdf
Interventions to promote walking - sytematic review Ogilvie.pdf
James Clear - Transform Your Habits.pdf
Lifestyle modification in the management of obesity wadden.pdf
Lifestyle modification in the treatment of obesity wadden jones wilson.pdf
Loads and loads and lodas - the influence of prospective load in trospective memory meir zimmerman.pdf
Memory problems at work Eldridge Sellen Bekerian.pdf
Metamemory prediction accuracy for simple prospective and retrospective memory tasks in 5 year-old-children Kvavilashvili.pdf
Overcoming the planning fallacy through willpower Koole Spijker.pdf
Plan formation, retention and execution in prospective memory.pdf
Planning and goal pursuit in mundane behavior Aarts Dijksterhuis Midden (1999) -.pdf
PLanning Fallacy Case of IT Madhavan.pdf
Predictors of time-based prospective memory in children.pdf
Prospective Memories in Everday Tasks HolbrookDismukesHFES2009.pdf
Prospective Memories in Workplace.pdf
Prospective memory - the future for future intentions Gonen-Yaacovi Burgess.pdf
Prospective memory in complex sociotechnical systems Grundgeiger Sanderson Dismukes.pdf
Prospective memory in preschool children -Influences of agency incentive and underlying cognitive mechanisms Causey.pdf
Prospective Memory in young and older adults Smith Horn Bayen.pdf
Prospective Memory Multiple retrieval processes Einstein McDaniel.pdf
Prospective Memory Tasks in Aviation effects of age and working memory.pdf
Prospective memory training Waldum Dufault McDaniel.pdf
Prospective remembering involves time estimation and memory processes Block Zakay 2006.pdf
Reducing everyday memory and planning problems with a pager Wilson Emslie Quirk Evans.pdf
Relations among prospective memory cognitive abilities and brain structure in adolescents Robey.pdf
Remembering to Perform Actions in the Future - can intentions pop into mind.pdf
Remembering to Remember - Anderson McDaniel Einstein.pdf
Remembering to Remember -An examination of the cognitive processes Anderson McDaniel Einstein.pdf
Slow down and remember to remember - a delay theory of prospective memory costs Heathcote Loft Remington.pdf
Some Comments on Triandis Model of Choice Behavior in Marketing.pdf
Spontaneous retrieval in prospective memory mcdaniel einstein.pdf
Task interference from prospective memories covaries with contextual associations Marsh Hicks Cook.pdf
The Automatic Component of Habit Orbell Verplanken.pdf
The cognitive cost of event based prospective memory in children Leigh.pdf
THe Computations Problem of Prospective Memory Retrieval.pdf
The cost of remembering to remember in event-based prospective memory Smith.pdf
The Design of a Human Memory Prosthesis Lamming.pdf
The development of future thinking-Young childrens ability to construct event sequencess Prabhakar Hudson.pdf
The development of prospective memory in children Kvavilashvili Kyle Messer.pdf
The development of prospective memory in preschool children using naturalistic tasks Walsh.pdf
The Development of time-based prospective memory in childhood - Voigt Mahy Ellis.pdf
The effect of Implementation Intention on prospective memory Chen Wang Liu.pdf
The Effect of Individual Perceptions of Deadlines on Team Performance Waller.pdf
The Effects of Bedtime Writing on Difficulty Falling Asleep Scullin Krueger Ballard.pdf
THe Emergence and Implementation of health Goals.pdf
The impact of age -ongoing task difficulty -and cue salience on preschoolers prospective memory performance Mahy Moses.pdf
The Power of prospection mental contrasting behavior change Oettingen Reininger.pdf
Theory of mind and switching predict prospective memory performance in adolescents Altgassen.pdf
Time Allocation and Task Juggling Coviello Ichino persico.pdf
Towards a new Definition of unlearning Thomas.pdf
Towards parsimony in habit measurement SRHI Gardner Abraham.pdf
What Brings Intentions to Mind - An insitu study of prospective memory Sellen.PDF
When daily planning improves employee performance parke weinhardt.pdf
Why are you late Waldum McDaniel 2016.pdf
Zeigarniks sleepless nights Syrek Wiegelt peifer Antoni.pdf