Library – Scheduling and Time Management

This is a snapshot of the papers in my private library, as of August 20, 2018. These papers cover topics in time-based productivity related to scheduling.

Document Name
An exploratory study of personal calendar use Tungare Sams Perez-Quinones.pdf
Bundesliga German Making soccer available to more football fans IBM.pdf
Calendar is Crucial - coordination and awareness family calendar Neustaedter.pdf
Calendar Mindset - Tonietto Malkoc 2016.pdf
Defining a tasks temproal domain for intelligent calendar applications alexiadis refanidis.pdf
Developing Calendar Visualizers for the INformation Visualizer Mckinlay.pdf
How Professional Persons keep Their calendars Kelley Chapanis.pdf
Identifying Usability Issues in Personal Calendar Tools Wu.pdf
Managing personal tasks with time constraints and preferences Refanidis.pdf
Microstructure of work - unexpected break.pdf
On scheduling events and tasks by an intelligent calendar assistant refanidis yorke-smith.pdf
Polychronicity and schedulings role in reducing stress and enhancing sales performance Fournier Weeks Blockers Chonko.pdf
Project scheduling under uncertainty Herroelen Leus.pdf
Robust and reactive project scheduling Herroelen Leus.pdf
Schedule Quality Assessment Metrics Tarpey Nelson.pdf
Scheduling and planning algorithms for electronic calendar management Anastasios.pdf
SelfPlanner -An Intelligent Web-based calendar application Refnidis Alexiadis.pdf
SelfPlanner- Planning Your Time Refnidis Alexiadis.pdf
Social Individual & Technological Issues for Groupware Calendar Systems Palen.pdf
Staying the Course - the option of doing nothing and its impact Schrift Parker - Shortcut.lnk
Survey of Dynamic Scheduling in Manufacturing Systems Oulhadj Petrovic.pdf
The calendar model Roe (1999).pdf
The origins of schedule management_ the concepts used in planning, allocating, visualizing and managing time in a project.pdf
The worklife of developers - activities switches and perceived productivity Meyer Barton Murphy Fritz.pdf
Time-Chunking and Hyper-Refocusing in Digitally- Gaskin Skousen.pdf
Turning personal calendars into scheduling assistants Bank.pdf
Understanding calendar use Payne 1993.pdf
When daily planning improves employee performance Parke 2018.pdf