Library – Email and Time Management

This is a snapshot of the papers in my private library, as of August 20, 2018. These papers cover topics in time-based productivity related to email usage.

Document Name
A Scale for Measuring Email Overload Hogan Fisher Microsoft.pdf
Am I Wasting My Time Organizing Email - A study of email refinding Whittaker Matthews.pdf
Batching and Self-interruption - patterns of email use Gloria Mark Iqbal Czerwinski Lutchyn.pdf
Better to organize by folder or by tags Civan Jones 2008..pdf
Checking email less frequently reduces stress Kushlev Dunn.pdf
digital email work habits - varonis report 2014.pdf
Effects of email addicitions and interruptions on employees Marulanda-Carter Jackson.pdf
Email and PIM Whittaker Bellotti.pdf
Email as a a source and symbol of stree Barley Meyerson Grodal.pdf
Email Duration Batching and self-interruption - patterns of email use Mark Czerwinski Iqbal Johns.pdf
Everything through email Whittaker Bellotti.pdf
Evolution of Conversations in the Age of Email Overload Kooti Aiello Grbovic Lerman Mantrach 2015.pdf
How to manage your inbox - is aonce a day strategy best Bradley et al.pdf
How to Manage Your INbox - Is once a day best Bradley Brumby.pdf
In Search of Coherence - A Review of E-Mail Research Ducheneaut Watts.pdf
Is work email disrupting the personal lives of US employees Samanage.pdf
Physiological and Psychological Impact of Email -Jackson.pdf
Relationship Bet Email Management Strategies and Time Management Forsyth Chen.pdf
Strategies for effectively managing email at work Russell 2017.pdf
Supporting email workflow Venolia dabbish cadiz gupta.pdf
The cost of email interruption Jackson Dawson Wilson.pdf
The Cost of email use in the workplace Czerwinski Microsoft.pdf
To reduce email start at the top Brown Killick Renaud.pdf
Using insights from email users o inform email management Ramsay Renaud.pdf
View from the Digital Inbox 2011 Merkle.pdf
What a to do - Studies of Task Management Towards the DEsign of a Personal Task List Manager Bellotti.pdf
Working 9-5 Professional differences in email and boundary management Cecchinato Cox Bird.pdf
youve got email should i deal with it now renaud ramsay hair.pdf