Library – Distractions, Multi-Tasking and Time Management

This is a snapshot of the papers in my private library, as of August 20, 2018. These papers cover topics in time-based productivity related to distractions and multi-tasking.

Document Name
Affective Consequences of Intentional Action Control Gollwitzer Martiny-Huenger Oettingen 2014.pdf
Always On Never Done - Dont blame the smartphone Jennifer Deal.pdf
An In-Situ Study of Mobile Phone Notifications Pielot Church de Oliveira.pdf
Analysis of the Literature, The Use of Mobile Phones While Driving.pdf
Bored Mondays and FOcused Afternoons Mark Iqbal Czerwinksi Johns.pdf
Brain Drain - The mere presence of one's own smartphone Ward Duke Gneezy Bos.pdf
Can students really multitask Bowman Levine Waite Gendron.pdf
Choice in MultiTasking Ioanna Katidioti.pdf
Cognitive Control in media multitaskers.pdf
Cognitive Dimensions of Media Multitasking Wang Irwin et al. (in press) d of MT.pdf
Cognitive distraction while multitasking in the automobile.pdf
constant constant multi-tasking craziness - working spheres gonzalez mark.pdf
Digital Devices, Distraction and Student Performance.pdf
Digital Distractions in the Classroom McCoy.pdf
Disruption and Recovery of Computing Tasks Iqbal Horvitz.pdf
Distracted and Risk Prone Drivers FINAL 2013 AAA.pdf
Dont waste my time - use of time information improves focus Whittaker.pdf
Effects of Intelligent Notification Management on Users and Their Tasks iqbal bailey.pdf
Email Duration Batching and Self-interruption productivity stress mark iqbal czerwinski johns sano.pdf
Exploring the relationships between college students cell phone use personality leisure Lepp Li Barkley Salehi-Esfahani.pdf
Feeling Interrupted - being responsive Sonnentag.pdf
Focused Aroused but do Distractable - temporal perspective Mark Iqbal Czerwinski Johns.pdf
From science to smartphone - boosting memory function.pdf
Higher Media Multitasking associated iwht smaller gray-matter denisty in the anterior cingulate cortex Kee Loh Kanai.pdf
How Boredom, loneliness, social anxiety, social gratification amd social reationships fuel a drivers need to text.pdf
Ill be there for you - quantifying attentiveness towards mobile messaging Dingler Pielot.pdf
Individual differences in attentional strategies in multiasking situations Ishikaza.pdf
Interrupt me - external interruptions are less disruptive than self-interuptions Katidioti Borst van Nugt Taatgen.pdf
Interrupted by a phone call - call notifications Bohmer Lander - CHI 2014.pdf
Interruptive Notifications in support of task management Paul Komlodi Lutters IJHCS 2015.pdf
Introduction Design and evaluation of notification user interfaces mccrickard czerwinski bartram.pdf
Large-scale assessment of mobile notifications sahami chi 2014.pdf
Leanplum - Personalize or Bust the Impact on App Engagement (Full Report).pdf
Multitasking Across Generations Carrier Rosen Cheever Benitez Chang 2009.pdf
Multitasking and monotasking - mental overload deferred task interruptions Salviccu Bogunovich.pdf
My phone and me - understanding people receiptivity to mobile notifications Mehrotra.pdf
National Surve 2011 on Driving while distracted.pdf
Notifications and awareness iqbal Horvitz 2010 - Shortcut.lnk
Oasis - a framework for linking notification delivery to tasks iqbal bailey.pdf
Out of sight is not out of mind Cheever Rosen Carrier Chavez_2014.pdf
Paying attention to Mindfulness and its efects in the workplace Dane.pdf
PDS and smartphone by individual with memory impairment.pdf
Performance and visual attention in multitasking Wang et al. (2012).pdf
Research-based guidelines for warning design and evaluation Wogalter Conzola Smith-Jackson.pdf
Stop and Think - Exploring Mobile Notiications to Foster Learning Tabuenca.pdf
Switching On creativity-Lu Akinola Mason.pdf
Teaching high school students to manage time 2016 Burrus Jackson Holtzman Roberts Mandigo.pdf
The association between media multi-tasking task-switching dual-task Alzahabi Becker.pdf
The attentional cost of receiving a cell phone notification Stothart Mitchum Yehnert.pdf
The cost of interrupted work More speed and stress Mark Gudith.pdf
The effect of online interruption on the quality of cognitive performance Levy Rafaeli Ariel.pdf
The effect of online interruption on the quality of cognitive performance.pdf
The effects of mindfulness meditation training on multitasking in a high-stree information environment Levt.pdf
The impact of mobile phone usage on student learning.pdf
The impact of the open workspace on human collaboration Bernstein.pdf
The influence of task interruption on individual decision making - informatio overload Speier.pdf
The long arm of time pressure at work Elfering Grebner deTribolet EJWOP 2013 - Shortcut (conflicted).lnk
The long arm of time pressure at work Elfering Grebner deTribolet EJWOP 2013 - Shortcut.lnk
The mere presence of a cell phone may be distracting Faires Robbins Rollins Thornton.pdf
The myth of media multitasking Wang & Tchernev (2012).pdf
The perils of multitasking loukopoulos dismukes barshi.pdf
The-Busy-Persons-Guide-to-the-Done-List Choi.pdf
Understanding notification stresss of smartphone app yoon.pdf
What makes interruptions disruptive 1 - proces-model account on task interruption resumption Borst Taatgen van Rijn.pdf
What makes interruptions disruptive 2 - a study of length similarity complexity Gillie Broadbent.pdf
Why is it to hard to do my work - attention residue Sophie Leroy.pdf
Workflow Interruptions and Failed action Regulation in Surgery Personnel Elfering Nutzi Koch Baur.pdf