Blackberry Slavery Article

I wrote a post as a guest-writer the Stepcase LifeHack website entitled “Blackberry Slavery” that was published today.In the article, I describe how PDA’s armed with real-time email are allowing companies to take advantage of employees’ fears of losing their jobs.All this, while HR department move much too move slowly to  protect employee down-time, and ultimately the productivity of thier most valuable resource: human beings.The article can entitled “Blackberry Slavery” can be accessed here.  

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  1. Hi Francis, nice article about the ‘Blackberry slavery’. I see comparisons with the use of micro-blog Twitter. Some of the people I know can’t resist Twittering 24/7. In the Netherlands I’m writing for a kind of lifehack group and I hope you don’t mind but I’ve made a reference to your article, bye, bye Anne-Marie

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