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As you may know, the purpose of a lab is to conduct pure and applied research.

Here we pursue both avenues, but our bias is clear: all our thinking starts with an end-client, customer or learner. We focus on the difference to be made with real, live human beings who are looking for solutions to challenges which have real-life repercussions.

Here is a list of some of them.

Some look at this list and their mind immediately jumps to specific behaviors or tools which appear to provide ready-made solutions. Our experience tells us that this approach just doesn’t go far enough.

Dig a little deeper and you find that in the subject of time-based productivity, there are no one-size-fits-all answers. You also discover that when people leave a program or put down a book filled with these kinds of answers, failure is the usual result.

I know because I used to teach programs which were unsuccessful.

You may say that this lab was set up so that I could atone for my early mistakes in a structured (rather than religious) way! A new approach would include (rather than avoid) the toughest questions such as:

  • If people are all different, and one size doesn’t fit all, how can training or learning take place?
  • If people need custom solutions to suit their idiosyncrasies, how can they be provided in a systematic way on a large scale?
  • If new behaviors (i.e. habits, practices and rituals) are hard to implement, but without them there’s no chance of success, how can they be made easy-to-adapt?
  • If tools are essential to time-based productivity, how should they be designed, and how should users select between them?

2Time Labs exists to bring these questions together in the same space in a search for solid answers. Where should they come from?

When I worked at Bell Labs I wasn’t alone. Around me were several thousand colleagues, most of whom were excited about some aspect of their work.

I don’t have that luxury. In fact, from where I sit in Kingston, Jamaica, there isn’t another professional in this niche on the island.

But I do have something we didn’t have at Bell Labs – the Internet.

With it, I have full access to the world’s best research in the disciplines which we bring together to find answers in this space: psychology, philosophy, operations research, management, linguistics, adult learning, physics and more.

Yes… I have fun. Can you?

Well, what are you interested in? Where should your exploration begin? Or if you have been here before, where should it continue?

Here is a quick glance at some of the resources we have developed using answers to the four core questions asked above.


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