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Richard Branson’s Time Management Techniques

Here’s an interesting interview with Richard Branson on how he manages his time, and his 300-400 email messages. I’m a great fan of his practical methods, which are right in line with best practices.  What’s interesting is that he has obviously thought about the topic for some time. I’d love to make it to Necker […]

Someone Struggling with Zero Inbox

This is an interesting post from the third day of someone’s attempt to maintain a Zero Inbox. It’s quite a diligent effort, and I admire his use of tracking statistics to get some insights into what’s going on with all the email messages received in a day.  It’s interesting that so few replies are generated, […]

Exciting New Software

I just came across something I have dreamed about for some time – a game for email! In prior posts, I talked about game mechanics, and how the entire 2Time approach could be seen as a game of sorts of improving one’s skill from White to Black Belt over time.  I have also studied some […]