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Making Unrealistic Plans Every Day? Use Better Scheduling Techniques

Most of us make either mental, written or keyed in plans each day, and unfortunately we make the mistake of telling ourselves to do too much with too few hours. Address the problem today by changing your scheduling skills, and use the latest research from the best time management researchers, who don’t just make stuff, […]

How to Use Dezhi Wu’s Time Management Research to

As I shared in the prior series of four posts on this topic, Dezhi Wu’s book “Temporal Structures in Individual Time Management: Practices to Enhance Calendar Tool Design” is a breakthrough piece of research. It’s the dawn of a new age, I hope — time management researchers are actually tackling the problems that ordinary people […]

A New Resource: Videos

As you may have noticed, I recently added a new tab to the row at the top entitled:  Videos. The fact is, I have over 200 minutes of video content that was locked away in my archives and recently decided to pull them out and bring them together for the first time.  They make for […]