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Does Email Volume Hit a Natural Limit?

While there are lots of people who complain about receiving too many emails per day, the complaint that “I get too much email” is a bit of a red herring. While there is a certain amount of email that is written with poor quality (sometimes as high as 65% according to research by Burgess, Jackson […]

My Blackberry Update #1

Background: As you may know, I spent months describing all the ways in which I observed a relatively new phenomena – smartphone abuse.  I then embarked on a process to choose one for myself in a way that I hoped would enhance my productivity, rather than turn me into an habitual drive-and-text offender.  I have […]

Rvw: Is It Time for a Time Management Upgrade?

I authored an article over at the Stepcase Lifehack website that’s about realizing when it’s time for an upgrade in your time management system. I argue that we can use common everyday indicators like weight gain and clutter to tell ourselves when its time to start focusing on changing habits. Here is the link to: […]

Never Trust Your Time Management System!

I read an interesting post over at the GTD Help blog, and come up with some different conclusions that are perhaps directly opposed to those in the post below. Here is the link to the post from the GTD Help blog —————————————————————- Do you REALLY trust your system?As I continue to grow in my use […]

A New Goal for Time Management

In the delivery of my different time management programs, I have come to realize that professionals might need a new way to think about success. The very old way of thinking used to be that it was all about getting more stuff done. On this blog I have maintained that it has to do with […]

Download WorktheSystem Now!

In a prior post I mentioned that I was so impressed by a new book I read called Work The System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less, that I read it in only 2 sittings. It’s available on Amazon and in book stores, but with my special arrangement with the author, Sam […]