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The First Drafts of the 11 Fundamentals

Back in 2006, when I first started blogging about time management, I quickly drafted a description of the 11 fundamental practices to be found in every professional’s time management system. Although I no longer use these particular charts (after numerous revisions) they provide a useful summary that can be used to locate your skill in […]

Giving Thanks

I can’t imagine what this post has to do with time management… but yesterday was Thanksgiving Day in the US, and this video made me not only thankful for my mother, but also the life I have here in Jamaica.

Find the Right Personality for Your Productivity

A basic idea underlying Time Management 2.0 is the notion that one size / system can never fit all. There are few places in books or on the Internet where this point is embraced, accepted and addressed in some form, and here’s one I stumbled across. Kirsten over at the Being MultiPassionate blog has found […]

Why Emergencies Should be Handled Outside Email

A few weeks ago, I visited The Bahamas and mentioned to a NewHabits-NewGoals class that it’s becoming clear that companies need a way to communicate emergencies outside of email. We had a discussion about the different reasons why email doesn’t work for immediate notifications and emergency requests: 1. not all email is delivered 2. sometimes […]