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The First Drafts of the 11 Fundamentals 1

Back in 2006, when I first started blogging about time management, I quickly drafted a description of the 11 fundamental practices to be found in every professional’s time management system. Although I no longer use these particular charts (after numerous revisions) they provide a useful summary that can be used to locate your skill in […]

Why New Employees Struggle with Time Management

In the area of time management, it turns out that some vital skills we picked as kids have to be un-learned, if we have an interest in being successful working adults. Grade school and high school turn out to be nothing more than extended memory tests for many people.  A bunch of facts and techniques […]



Why Emergencies Should be Handled Outside Email

A few weeks ago, I visited The Bahamas and mentioned to a NewHabits-NewGoals class that it’s becoming clear that companies need a way to communicate emergencies outside of email. We had a discussion about the different reasons why email doesn’t work for immediate notifications and emergency requests: 1. not all email is delivered 2. sometimes […]