Saying No

Since moving back to Jamaica from the U.S. I have had to learn the power of critical importance of saying no. There is no magic to either geographic location, it’s just that the complete and total change of environment naturally leads one to create new time demands that are impossible […]

Ways to Say No

Critical to improving one’s productivity and moving up the belts in 2Time is the ability to say “No.” Here are some ways, as contributed by a reader of this blog, YCC. Things You MUST Learn To Say To Manage Your Time “Excuse me, I hate to cut you off, but […]

More on Tossing

Here is an interesting article on the need to de-clutter a physical space from 43 Folders. The thing about clutter is that each and every piece represents a Time Demand that preys on the mind in the form of a delayed action, a feeling of guilt or something that we […]

Component/Fundamental #3 — Tossing v2 1

Tossing is one of the components that can directly follow Emptying. Definition Once a time demand enters or is entered into one of the capture points, a decision is made during the component of Emptying about what to do with it. Certainly, one of the options is simply to take […]