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An Amazing Time Demand Tracker

An Amazing Time Demand Tracker… It doesn’t exist… so don’t go looking for it… but if it did, it would be a gadget used to track individual commitments. Backing up a bit… A time demand is defined by 2Time Labs as an individual commitment to complete an action in the future. It’s a discrete, mental […]

A Circular Schedule

This is something new. Most of us think of schedules in linear terms, the way we think of calendars and diaries.  Along comes the Muji Chronotebook to change all that, with the first circular daily schedule I have ever seen. It’s based on the face of a clock, and the 12 hours that it represents.  […]

Microsoft Outlook: Reminder Enhancements Needed

I have a suggestion for the designers of Microsoft Outlook, which I have thought for some time, but was recently enhanced when I saw that it was actually implemented by the Smart Diary Suite. There are an increasing number of Outlook users who are upgrading their Scheduling and Listing skills, and working directly with their […]

reminder screen


What Happened to Smart Technology Choices?

Corporations making large-scale technology changes have learned over the years that it’s a big mistake to go out and buy the biggest, newest flashiest product available on the market without first doing a thorough study of the company’s needs. In fact, there are procurement guidelines set up for precisely that purpose and best practices that […]

Someone Else Agrees!

I found a website that echoes the very same thoughts I have shared on this site about the power of upgrading one’s Scheduling skills, and relying less on Listing. I don’t think they have found this site, as they appear to have arrived at the same conclusions that I have independently, but they are the […]