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Lifelong Learning — A Way to Think About Time Management 1

There’s simply no way to create a great time management system from bits and pieces of tips dug up from here and there. But that doesn’t stop us from trying, does it? A quick search of Twitter for the phrase “time management” or the hashtag “#timemanagement” reveals how many people are looking for tips, shortcuts, […]

Meetings and Precious Time

This article from the New York Times reminds me of times when I was trapped in endless meetings as a young employee, wondering why this was happening, and what I could possibly do about it! : Meetings are a Matter of Precious Time One thing I know now is that once a meeting has […]

Top 100 List of Productivity and Life Hack Blogs

I think the following list of top internet resources might be somewhere that I should be aspiring to appear with this blog. In any case, it’s a good list made up of the absolute best thinking to be found anywhere on the planet. The Top 100 Productivity and Life Hack blogs: productivity-and-lifehack-blogs

Outlook and other Tools

I’m not a big fan of lots of tips and fancy tools for professionals that don’t use the fundamentals, but sometimes they can be a lot of fun to play around with! So, I present this interesting list of tools with a caveat – employ them in your habits cautiously, with an understanding of how […]

Open Door Policy?

The idea of an open door policy has become something like a religious belief. It has gone from a good suggestion to a badge of honor, and is now an established management dogma. The fact is that the most productive managers DO NOT have an open door policy, and this with good reason. When taken […]

Blogs on Productivity

The following blogs on productivity are pretty useful to know: Personal Productivity Required Reading List: 100 Kick-butt Lifehacking Blogs Lifehacking is all about finding ways to streamline and improve your life. These bloggers can help you do just that, offering clever tricks and tips for making your everyday life more effective. Check them out for […]