The Confusion “Time Management” Has Created

The idea that “time cannot be managed” has now entered the popular consciousness, never to go away. A brief search on YouTube or Google yields a growing number of bloggers and podcasters sharing the ideas that time management is impossible showing that this particular meme – so rarely heard until […]

The Final Post in the New Lifehacking Series

The seventh and final post in the series: The New Lifehacking came out yesterday. It addresses the reasons why we should be wary of new technology and new ideas – before rushing to incorporate them into our individual time management systems. The entire series lays out a pathway for continuous […]

New Thinking Around Time Demands

In a prior article on the topic of time demands I made a statement that is the cornerstone of my training:  a time demand is an individual commitment to complete an action in the future. I mentioned the fact that we create them in our minds, using a combination of imagination […]

How to Prevent Yourself From Becoming a Tip-a-Holic

The headline for this post may be playful but the problem is a very real one. Many professionals want to improve their time management skills. The simplest method that we hear broadcast over the Internet is simply to pick up the right tip, trick or shortcut. Choosing the right one […]