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Solving Scheduling Problems – Summary of Our Findings

There are a handful of working professionals who have chosen to use their calendars as their hub for all their planning activity. The challenges they run into are only rarely mentioned in time management and productivity books, programs and websites: the overwhelming conventional wisdom states that it’s impossible to use a schedule in this way, […]

Why To-Do Lists Sometimes Do Work

Daniel Markovitz wrote a great article about a year ago in the HBR Blog Network entitled “To-Do Lists Don’t Work.” From a 2Time Labs perspective it raises some provocative points but then falls into a familiar trap: it tries to argue for a one-size fits-all approach. He does, however, start off on a strong foot […]


Your New Calendar is Here

Lifehack just published an article I wrote entitled “The Evolution of the Calendar: How to Use a Calendar Today.” It’s a new take on the future of calendar management that’s being shared quite a bit. I believe that new technology is leading us to a very different relationship with our calendars that will have far-reaching […]

The Inescapable Demands of ToDo Lists

I have noticed a wide and growing number of apps on the new iPhone, Android and laptop  that attempt to improve a user’s personal productivity.  They all seem to focus on the same thing:  how to make better lists. It’s a bit disheartening, because our research here at 2Time Labs shows that lists work fine […]

The Time Management System You Need

One of the ideas that we promote here at 2Time Labs is that each person needs a time management system that effectively allows them to handle the number of time demands that show up in their life on a daily basis. The corollary to this statement is the idea that each person doesn’t necessarily need […]

Interesting Piece of Data

I took the following notes from a source that I seem to have lost: Professionals over-estimate what they can get done in a day, but under-estimate what they can get done in a week. Has anyone ever heard this quote before? Does it ring true from your experience? Any evidence to back it up? As […]


Can You Create a Margin Without a Schedule?

Michael Hyatt posted an interesting entry on his blog entitled “How to Create More Margin in Your Life.”  In fact, it’s a summary of a book with a similar title by Richard Swenson called “Margin: Restoring Emotional, Physical, Financial and Time Reserves to Overloaded Lives.” I haven’t read the book, but it wisely advises professionals […]

Comparing Listing and Scheduling

I have noticed a wide and growing number of new iPhone, Android and laptop apps that attempt to improve a user’s personal productivity. They all seem to focus on the same thing: how to make better lists.  In this post, I try to encourage developers to look at better ways of using a schedule instead […]