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The REAL Secret to Personal Productivity

This BNET article was written with such a cheeky tone that I couldn’t tell whether the author, Steve Tobak, was serious or not: The Real Secret to Personal Productivity. But I endorse his conclusion — true productivity is a function of discipline and focus, yet that shows up as something different in each person. Actually, […]

Nothing New in Time Management

I sense that there is a certain fatigue around the topic of time management. I remember a time in the early 1990’s when productivity tools were all the rage, and you wouldn’t be caught dead without a DayTimer, FiloFax or Dayrunner folder equipped with custom tabs from Staples or Office Depot. These weren’t entertainment devices, […]

Ritual Building

I came across an article on the Harvard Business Review website entitled “An 18-Minute Plan for starting Your Day.” It’s an interesting take on the value of rituals, and how they build competence over time. Here on the 2Time blog, I have written a great deal about the essential nature of habits, and how they […]