Fixing the Weekly Review Video

Many people have a major challenge in dealing with their weekly reviews – that portion of time that many set aside to review the time demands in their time management systems. These reviews simply aren’t getting done to our satisfaction.  They are often set aside as a dull chore because […]

Task Tracking 4

As a consulting professional, I have tracked the way I use my time for years. One of the greatest innovations I have come across in the past year is a program called SnapLogger, which takes screen-shots every few minutes as long as the user is active in Windows. It is […]

Starting the Day with a Scaffold

I really admire Steve Pavlina’s blog for the quality and range of ideas that he is able to create and articulate. His post on creating a personal productivity scaffold is no exception: He is essentially creating a way of Reviewing and Scheduling that includes a slot in the morning to […]

Component/Fundamental #11 – Reviewing v2 3

A critical skill used in any well-functioning time management system is that of reviewing and improving. Definition Reviewing is the skill of looking over both the contents of the time management system AND its functioning, with a view to preventing problems and improving the user’s personal productivity. There are two […]