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Why Are There So Few Studies of Time Demand Completion?

Why have there been so few studies of what happens to time demands after we create them? In this post, I go hunting for some answers. This week, I uncovered a great article written by Judith Ouellette and Wendy Wood. It’s entitled “Habit and intention in everyday life: The multiple processes by which past behavior […]


Why a Big Gap Exists in Time Management Knowledge

One of the challenges involved in gaining a deeper understanding of time management mechanics is that it’s all about using physical actions to manipulate invisible objects. Industrial engineering, which is the study of the optimization of scarce resources in a production environment is typically concerned with the events taking place on a factory floor where […]

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A New Look at Time Management 2.0 Research

I recently became dissatisfied at the way I have depicted the research underlying Time Management 2.0. I couldn’t shake this feeling that I could do a better job of sharing which assumptions and findings were being used from different fields, and how they were being combined. As a result of making some notes, and playing […]

Collection of Annual reports

Established – a Time Management Library

A few hours ago, I finished scanning the last front page of the time management articles I have collected over the years. How many? Some 78 articles. In one fell swoop I established the single best source of academic information on the topic. I can say this with some confidence simply because I have searched high […]