Discover the science of time management [Research]

Here’s a new way to discover the research data behind time management – especially the stuff that’s most recent. Simply follow my hashtag “#scienceoftimemanagement” on Twitter. (Sometimes it shows up without the hashtag – just “scienceoftimemanagement.”) It’s simple. I have two Twitter accounts – @2TimeLabs and @fwade. The first one […]

dawna ballard

Dawna Ballard Interview

In this interview with Dawna Ballard, we discuss what is needed to make positive change in organizations. She’s a professor of sociology at the University of Texas at Austin and an expert in how time is abound to communication. It’s a stimulating conversation about how to be a change leader, […]

Why a Big Gap Exists in Time Management Knowledge

One of the challenges involved in gaining a deeper understanding of time management mechanics is that it’s all about using physical actions to manipulate invisible objects. Industrial engineering, which is the study of the optimization of scarce resources in a production environment is typically concerned with the events taking place […]

industrial engineers

A New Look at Time Management 2.0 Research

I recently became dissatisfied at the way I have depicted the research underlying Time Management 2.0. I couldn’t shake this feeling that I could do a better job of sharing which assumptions and findings were being used from different fields, and how they were being combined. As a result of […]