Best Practices in Time Management 1

Is there such a thing as a best practice in time management? It might seem that this is a no-brainer… of course there are things one should be doing, and things one should not be doing! I would argue the opposite, based on my experience of teaching time management programs.  […]

Time Management Talent is Overrated

I recently had an article published in the Trinidad Newsday that addressed a popular mis-conception that professionals in the Caribbean have… that time management skills are something we are born with rather than develop over time.  (Of course, it also applies around the world.) Here is the link to the […]

The Making of an Expert in Time Management

I just finished  reading a paper that echoes a great deal of what has motivated me to develop the 2Time approach:  The Making of an Expert published in the July-August 2007 edition of the Harvard Business review by K. Anders Ericsson, Michael J. Prietula, and Edward T. Cokely. I have […]

The Taxonomy of Teaching Kids

I just read a fascinating article from the New York Times entitled Building a Better Teacher. It’s a long article, but what got my attention was the fact that it’s built on a search for the fundamentals of teaching. It turns out that teacher quality is the single most important […]

An Interesting Experiment?

I came across a post entitled: An Experiment with Time Management that describes an entrepreneur’s decision  to track his time each day, to see how he could improve his time management. I have seen different software programs that help users to do the same thing, but I fear that there […]