Next NewHabits Class on January 26th

I have taken a short break from my strategic planning efforts for 2012 to let you know that I am offering the NewHabits Foundations program on January 26th here in Kingston, Jamaica. For details about the program, which will include a new module on Email Overload, simply visit P.S. […]

Billing and Balancing

I am contemplating the creation of a new workshop for those professionals such as lawyers, accountants, financial advisors and doctors who live (or die) on billable hours. My experience tells me that they are swamped by intense time demands, and that most are using new technology in a way that leaves […]

Giving Away Free Gifts as Incentives

I have been toying with the idea of setting up actual award-giving games in my live time management class – NewHabits-NewGoals.  A juicy award might be something like an iPod Shuffle — a nice piece of “techno-candy.” The problem I have is that the game of achieving a new belt […]

Promo Video – Bahamas

I put together a short video to help promote an event I’ll be doing in The Bahamas on January 20th, 2011. The day includes a seminar I’ll be leading from 9am – 4pm — and the URL for the site is I actually visited Abaco last week for the […]

NewHabits Programs in Kingston and Port of Spain

I’ll be offering my live programs in Kingston and Port of Spain this year, on the following dates: Kingston:  Thursday March 4th Port of Spain:   Thursday and Friday March 25-26 Both programs include 6 weeks of e-learning that starts right after the class is concluded.  For more information simply […]

Outside and Slightly Elevated

In the book Work the System, author Sam Carpenter makes an observation about business systems that I think applies perfectly to time management systems. Carpenter’s entire book represents a strong plea to business owners to step outside of their companies and manage them from a distance by identifying, understanding, and […]