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A Wonderful Experience: Presenting at the ICD Conference

I just got back from the Chicago after presenting a session and a workshop at the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) 2012 Conference. The ICD is an international organization of Professional Organizers, and while I was there, I presented “Baby Steps 101/201: Radically Reducing your Clients’ Time Clutter.” It was an affirming, expanding and amazing experience. […]

Helping Clients Solve Time Management Problems

Recently, I have been thinking about making the 2Time methods available to consultants, coaches and trainers, or anyone who wants to use them to diagnose a client’s time management skills. In the NewHabits program (and MyTimeDesign 1.0.Plus) I have devised several charts that participants have been using to discover their current time management profile and […]

Business Team


Billing and Balancing

I am contemplating the creation of a new workshop for those professionals such as lawyers, accountants, financial advisors and doctors who live (or die) on billable hours. My experience tells me that they are swamped by intense time demands, and that most are using new technology in a way that leaves their lives unbalanced.  They indulge […]

Outside and Slightly Elevated

In the book Work the System, author Sam Carpenter makes an observation about business systems that I think applies perfectly to time management systems. Carpenter’s entire book represents a strong plea to business owners to step outside of their companies and manage them from a distance by identifying, understanding, and improving them. He makes the […]

First to Receive a Yellow Belt…. Receives Orange

Michael Zajac completed my NewHabits-NewGoals 2-day workshop back in January 2008. He recently returned to Australia from Kingston, Jamaica, but not without a newly minted Orange Belt in hand. He was the first participant in the NewHabits programs to receive both the Yellow and Orange Belts over an 18 month period, passing both tests with […]

Learning Time Management is Like Learning a Language 1

I came across an article on Tim Ferris’ blog on the topic of Why Language Classes Don’t Work:  How to Cut Classes and Double Your Learning Rate. I found it interesting because it parallels my experience in time management courses to some degree. He makes the following points about problems that he has encountered in […]