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The Company’s “Guidelines”

I just found a most interesting set of corporate guidelines. It comes from a marketing company called Sandia, in a document entitled “Being More Productive: Working more effectively will greatly benefit our clients, the agency and yourself.” The document describes 16 ideas for its employees on how to increase productivity, ranging from #16 – “Do […]

Time Management 2.0 2

One of the definitions of the Web 2.0 phenomena reads as follows: A term to generally describe web sites and services where the content is shaped partially or entirely by the users (instead of being read-only and published by a sponsoring company) The 2Time blog is built on the idea that something similar is happening […]

Financial Upheavals and Better Time Management 1

The recent financial upheavals have many, many people in the US scared about the future. There is a feeling that things are spiraling out of the control of the average citizen, and that deeper, more chaotic forces have taken over.   They appear to be well outside of the influence of everyday Americans. At times like […]