Time Management: CFO’s #1 Concern

I just found an article that I think most would find unsurprising. CFO’s are unconcerned about work-life balance, but state that their #1 issue is time management (followed by keeping up with technology, and staying abreast of accounting regulations.) Here’s the article:  CFO’s Balance Books, Not Life

The Company’s “Guidelines”

I just found a most interesting set of corporate guidelines. It comes from a marketing company called Sandia, in a document entitled “Being More Productive: Working more effectively will greatly benefit our clients, the agency and yourself.” The document describes 16 ideas for its employees on how to increase productivity, […]

Where Did the Day Go?

On yesterday’s “Obama post” the article mentions what it’s like to get to the end of a day wondering what the heck just happened. I didn’t make the connection until now, but it’s exactly what happens when we complete a day without what I called “Awakeness” in this post from […]

Blown Off-Track

Hurricanes have a funny way of throwing things off-track, and it certainly has affected my posting to this blog.  Gustav’s effects are still being felt, with roads, houses and bridges all disappearing from its onslaught. The irony is  that it’s exactly the kind of thing that happens each time a […]

A Time Management System for a LifeTime 4

One of the goals of 2Time is to help users create time management systems that last a lifetime. What does that mean? Most people start to think about time management when they become overwhelmed by some life change, such as getting married, having a child, being promote, being given additional […]