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Help For Time Advisers

A Time Adviser is a coach, consultant, trainer or professional organizer who is in the profession of helping other people improve their time management and productivity skills. Over at the website I have been focusing on helping them use the latest research to have a bigger impact with their clients. To that end, I […]

8 fata assumptions that time advisers make

A Training Simulation for Improving Coaching Skills 1

Our MyTimeDesign website that focuses on applications of the 2Time Labs ideas recently launched a training simulation for managers, coaches and professional organizers.  It gives the learner the opportunity to help a fictional character, Wilma, navigate a consulting relationship with Adam, her client.  She’s attempting to migrate from a focus on physical organization to one […]

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Teleclass Recording and a Brand New Way to Learn

Last week’s teleclass focused on the most recent research in time management, and how it can be used to improve the way we schedule our time, and change our habits.  I used the research by Dezhi Wu and the authors of Change Anything as my primary sources of information, taking their best ideas that we’re […]

Our Open House Continues… a Teleclass!

Our Open House is in full swing and people are registering in the Free and Plus programs as speak.  It’s an exciting moment in the history of 2Time Labs! On Thursday night (Oct 6th), the adventure continues with a teleclass entitled “Breakthroughs You Can Use.”  I’ll be sharing how you can use the findings on […]

Using the New Time Management to Avoid Digital Distraction

On August 24th I’ll be giving a tele-class to the members of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. The topic will be The New Time Management and Digital Distraction.  It’s not a free event as you must be a member of the institute to attend, but it seems like a great group of folks and I […]

Pink Shoe Power Follows Time Management 2.0 Principles

Am I a bit excited?  It’s the first time that I have found another website that shares Time Management 2.0 principles.  It’s called Pink Shoe Power. The authors of the site, Valerie McDougall and Jayne Jennings, describe four time management styles that women might find themselves following, and based their thinking on the following line […]

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Living a Life Filled with Experiments to Improve Your Productivity

In case you haven’t noticed, or are new to this website, I am not a fan of the quick fix.  When it comes to time management, I simply don’t believe in them. Genuine upgrades take work, whether you are a world-class athlete or a working professional looking to be more productive or reduce your backlog […]

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Productivity is never an accident.  It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. Paul J. Meyer So much for the tips, tricks, shortcuts and secrets that we love so much…


Breakthroughs in Teaching Time Management via Elearning

I honestly thought that my on-line training programs were pretty decent, until I started to read some of the latest thinking… it kept me up last night after 12:00am and almost made me miss my bike ride this morning! It comes from the Elearning Blueprint website authored by Cathy Moore, who has a fantastic blog […]