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Is It Really Not About Time Management?

Poor, poor old “time management.” It seems that it’s open season on the concept as writers and bloggers around the world take their turn in saying that whatever time management is, “it” is not about “that.”    What are they saying, and why is it that they have a point… but only a very, very small […]

Scoring 100% in Time Management

An article I wrote over at Stepcase Lifehack received a nice thank-you comment. Scoring 100% in Time Management is all about implementing time management systems and mistakenly thinking that we can implement ALL of the habits and practices built into the approach. This is a mistake in our thinking that produces stress, and it causes […]

A Public Fight Between the Gurus

A bit-based fight has opened up between the productivity gurus, Tim Ferris of 4 Hour Work Week (4HWW) fame and Mark Hurst, author of the book “Bit Literacy.” It all started with  an article in Entrepreneur Magazine written by Lena West entitled Escaping Email Overload.  In the article, Hurst had a few critical words to […]