Why The World is (Not) Working Against You

An interesting article  from Eric Barker’s excellent blog – Barking Up the Wrong Tree – describes some of the work Dan Ariely is doing to work out the irrational behavior we demonstrate in the world of time management. Among the great points he makes (all supported by recent research) is […]

Flowing: A Possible New Fundamental 1

Recently, I watched a couple of videos that gave life to some ideas I have been mulling: that the flow state has everything to do with time management. The flow state is defined by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi as one of high performance that gives an individual an experience that he says […]

Ways to Avoid Digital Distractions

For some strange reason, the world is conspiring to keep us in a constant state of digital distraction.  It affects our productivity, and ruins our peace of mind… while robbing us of that great feeling that comes from knowing we had a great day, in which we got a lot […]

Why Your Multi-Tasking Isn’t Working

Here’s a great article from Popsop.com that speaks to the follies of multi-tasking, even when we believe we are quite good at it. The fact is, we aren’t, and it actually is a habit that hinders our productivity rather than helps it. Here is a link to the article:  The […]

Makers vs. Managers

This is an interesting essay from Paul Graham that describes two very different mindsets to how one’s time is used throughout the day. He distinguishes between managers who move from one activity to another from creators/makers who need to have large amounts of time to innovate.   Managers think in terms […]

A Fascinating Account of Improvement

I read an interesting post written by Cal Newport over at the 99% blog entitled “A Day Without Distraction: Lessons Learned from 12 Hours of Forced Focus.” The author makes a significant change in his time management system, by adopting the practice of working only in 30 minute increments. While […]

Your Brain at Work

A new study was just released that backs up the work done by Mihaly Csikszentmihaly in his book “Flow”, that uses a great deal of neuroscience to back up his notion that we are at our most productive when we are focused on a single tack. The article is entitled […]