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My Blackberry Update #1

Background: As you may know, I spent months describing all the ways in which I observed a relatively new phenomena – smartphone abuse.  I then embarked on a process to choose one for myself in a way that I hoped would enhance my productivity, rather than turn me into an habitual drive-and-text offender.  I have […]

Understanding Emptying – The Story

For some time, I have played around with two ideas. One is I to teach the 2Time principles in the form of a story (or stories) rather than a set of abstract theories and principles, such as the ones I have used in this blog.  The first business book I ever read written in this […]

Solving the Paper Problem

There are a number of ways that time demands can enter a user’s time management system, but those that enter on hard copy, or paper, are probably the most annoying for professionals. Some people’s offices are visual testimonies to the fact that they have a problem. Piles of magazines, letters, bills and memos lay in […]

Downloading Email — Caution!

A critical strategy in achieving the goal of a Zero-Inbox is to gain control over the flow of email into one’s Inbox.  This is accomplished by turning off the auto download feature, and scheduling times in the day to review email. That makes sense. But when should a user decide to download his/her email?  Should […]

How I Do My Emptying

I have been looking at the way in which I have been doing the practice of Emptying more closely, and I am still convinced that it’s one of the most difficult practices. (For details on the practice of Emptying, see the list of Categories at the left, and click on — “Emptying.”) It’s a big […]

Replying to Every Email

I can’t quite recall where I read this suggestion, but I have been trying it out and it seems to work. It’s very simple – for every important piece of email, send a reply, even a short one, to say one of the following messages: Thanks It’s received and will be acted on and here’s […]

Email: A Different Animal

Email is a problem for everyone who is concerned with being productive. It is a new medium and there is virtually no-one with 20 years of email experience. Only recently have best practices begun to be developed for this difficult source of information. In the absence of these best practices, users end up with in-boxes […]

Component/Fundamental #2 – Emptying v2

Emptying is the activity that logically follows Capturing. Definition Emptying involves removing items one at a time from the points of capture and placing them within one of the other components of the time management system. This action frees up the point of capture to receive new items. Whereas Capturing involves a split-second activity and […]