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Podcast – an Interview with Val and Jayne – Time Management Experts from Pink Shoe Power

In this interview with Val McDougall and Jayne Jennings of and Pink Shoe Power, we explored the degree to which the work we do overlaps. We all strongly believe that one size doesn’t fit all and that we need to provide a way for learners to improve their skills, even as they find their […]



A New Frontier for Time Management

There are some exciting technologies being developed in the world of gaming that will produce a tremendous breakthrough in time management skills. Here’s why. Time management as a field has suffered over the years from a problem of measurement. There is currently no single, easy, agreed upon way to measure one’s personal productivity.  This is […]

Never Trust Your Time Management System! 2

I read an interesting post over at the GTD Help blog, and come up with some different conclusions that are perhaps directly opposed to those in the post below. Here is the link to the post from the GTD Help blog —————————————————————- Do you REALLY trust your system?As I continue to grow in my use […]

Covey’s FTF vs. Allen’s GTD 2

Articles like this one are interesting in their attempts to compare one time management system versus another. But if you read carefully, you’ll probably find yourself liking a few things from each, and willing to discard some different things from each. The only reasonable response, it seems to me, is to  create one’s own approach […]

The Problem with Time Management 1

An interesting article caught my eye the other day entitled “The Problem with Time Management.” Given my own interests, I grabbed it up, thinking that I could finally retire the entire 2Time effort because, finally, someone else had come up with something better. Unfortunately, it turns out that the problem with time management turns out […]