How to Make Task Management Apps Way More Engaging   Recently updated !

Recently, I write an article on Medium geared towards designers of task management “apps” ranging from those who support the use of memory, to paper, to task management apps, to calendars to auto-schedulers. In the article, I shared the following graphic that shows the progression that users make as they […]

Brilliance in Systems Thinking

As I mentioned in the prior post, I have just finished reading Sam Carpenter’s book — Work the System. I am a bit in awe of what he’s written, and the fact that he’s written it as a business-owner, rather than a management theorist. What has really got me excited, […]

Covey’s FTF vs. Allen’s GTD 2

Articles like this one are interesting in their attempts to compare one time management system versus another. But if you read carefully, you’ll probably find yourself liking a few things from each, and willing to discard some different things from each. The only reasonable response, it seems to me, is […]

Another Custom-Built Time Management System 1

Here is a link to a post in which a user describes a time management system that she created for herself: My “GTD®” Hacks While I don’t know enough about her system to say much about it, she makes the point very clearly that this works for her at the […]