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Collective Intelligence Wins

My experience consulting and working in office environments in different countries tells me that the environment plays a very strong role in determining how productive the individual can be. Some research from MIT seems to back up this hunch. It goes further and says that the presence of women (or men) who have good social […]

Speaking at the IIE Conference

I have just been accepted to speak at the Institute of Industrial Engineers Conference in Reno, Nevada. I’ll be presenting on May 25th. The topic will be related to time management 2.0, of course and I’ll be echoing many of the themes that can be found on this website. I’m excited to be able to […]

A New Home for Discussions

Hopefully, third time’s a charm. I have tried at different points in this website’s evolution to set up a decent discussion, but the technology never seemed to cooperate to make things work the way I wanted. All I have wanted is a secure location that is easy to use for subscribers to this website, free […]

Facebook Q&A Page v2

Question and Answer Page on Facebook

I just put up a new page on Facebook in which I have an opportunity to answer questions from the general public on any topic related to time management. I’d love to hear from those of you who have any questions that I could help answer from a Time Management 2.0 perspective, or just to […]

Your Invitation to the Discussion Group

For the next two weeks, I’m opening up registration to my first discussion group here at the 2Time blog. This online group will discuss some of the latest-breaking ideas in the area of time management that I hope to incorporate in the next version of MyTimeDesign, which should start early in the new year. If […]

New TimeMgt 2-0 Twibe Formed

I took the liberty of forming a new twibe — TimeMgt2-0. If you think that’s some kind of typo or a Loony Tunes imitation of Elmer Fudd, rest assured it’s not — as I learned only fifteen minutes ago. Twibes are collections of people who want to twitter together on a single subject.  Or in […]

Promises – A Productivity Hole

I am working on a project that involves multiple promises being made in every direction, and I am struck by an area of my own system for productivity that is underdeveloped.  While it’s not a time management issue, per se, it does appear to be a problem that results in wasted time. What do you […]

Public Forums Launched!

I have just take the step to expand the forums for discussing all matters related to 2Time Management. Prior to this, they were only available to those who had taken the early versions of NewHabits-NewGoals (my live program) and MyTimeDesign (my online program.) Now, I have simply created private forums for program graduates, and opened […]