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Help For Time Advisers

A Time Adviser is a coach, consultant, trainer or professional organizer who is in the profession of helping other people improve their time management and productivity skills. Over at the website I have been focusing on helping them use the latest research to have a bigger impact with their clients. To that end, I […]

8 fata assumptions that time advisers make

Stupid Fans of Time Management

I wrote a rant this past weekend on the tendency of time management authors, trainers, video bloggers, podcasters like myself to talk down to our clients and readers… and to treat “y’all” as if you aren’t all that smart. Now, reflecting on what I wrote, I can only hope that I haven’t been committing the […]

Coaching in a World of “Stuff”

It’s hard to help someone else improve their time management skills when all you see is “stuff.”  Here’s an article I wrote about how an understanding of time demands can make a big difference:  Coaching Amidst a World of Stuff. P.S. I added a few videos that can help a coach, consultant, trainer or professional […]

A Training Simulation for Improving Coaching Skills

Our MyTimeDesign website that focuses on applications of the 2Time Labs ideas recently launched a training simulation for managers, coaches and professional organizers.  It gives the learner the opportunity to help a fictional character, Wilma, navigate a consulting relationship with Adam, her client.  She’s attempting to migrate from a focus on physical organization to one […]

wilma sim cover

Business Team

Helping Clients Solve Time Management Problems

Recently, I have been thinking about making the 2Time methods available to consultants, coaches and trainers, or anyone who wants to use them to diagnose a client’s time management skills. In the NewHabits program (and MyTimeDesign 1.0.Plus) I have devised several charts that participants have been using to discover their current time management profile and […]

Coaching Using the 2Time Principles

It recently struck me that someone who coaches for a living should be able to use the 2Time thinking to become a better coach in time management. The principles of good coaching are simple, as I learned them from Thomas Leonard, founder of CoachU: set believable high-level targets with the client gain an understanding of […]