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Leaving Practice with Raw Hands

As I mentioned in my prior post: “The Pedagogy of Time Management,” there is a need for anyone who wants to improve their skills in this field to craft specific opportunities for structured practice. Mark Needham’s summary of Talent is Overrated describes three kinds of practice from the book: With regards to improving skills, three […]

Bloody Hands

Livescribe – the Future of Capturing

In a recent NewHabits-NewGoals class, I met a participant who shared with us a rather early version of a pen called LiveScribe. She admitted that it didn’t work very well, but when she explained the idea I was struck that it could be transformed into the perfect manual capture point – and not because of […]

Outlook’s Shortcomings – Part 2

A program that is built for time management purposes would assist a user in executing the fundamentals, but also allow him/her the freedom to use its features to support their particular time management system. Ideally, a user should be presented with as clean an interface as possible, with unnecessary features hidden away from view, so […]

In Emergencies – Forget Email

I am working on a project in which almost everyone around me carries a Blackberry.  My observation as one of the few non-Blackberry users is that many have developed habits that thwart their productivity. One sad habit that has developed is that Blackberry users have trained people around them to elevate email to a level […]

Richard Branson’s Capturing

While many of us are insisting that “we’ll remember” and therefore don’t need to write things down, it appears that Richard Branson has made quite a few comments on the power of carrying a portable notebook at all times: Quote 1 On how to get ideas for new products: “Always have a notebook in your […]

How I Do My Capturing

As a supplement to the work we are doing this week on Capturing, I thought that I’d share my personal approach to Capturing, and why I consider myself a Green Belt. I will also describe some of the challenges that I have when I capture, and my plans for changing my own practices in this […]

Professional Un-productivity

As mentioned before, the task of comparing one worker to another in terms of their productivity has become much harder. However, the results of examining their in-box can give a good insight into how productive they are. In other words, a person who has an in-box of thousands of items is less productive than one […]

Learning a Habit I Forgot

I am reading the #1 New York Times Best Seller – The Four Hour Work Week and finding it quite entertaining. As someone who lives in Jamaica, it would seem that I am living the author’s dream to some extent! More on this later, to be sure. One immediate benefit this book has brought me […]