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Outlook’s Shortcomings – Part 2

A program that is built for time management purposes would assist a user in executing the fundamentals, but also allow him/her the freedom to use its features to support their particular time management system. Ideally, a user should be presented with as clean an interface as possible, with unnecessary features […]

In Emergencies – Forget Email

I am working on a project in which almost everyone around me carries a Blackberry.  My observation as one of the few non-Blackberry users is that many have developed habits that thwart their productivity. One sad habit that has developed is that Blackberry users have trained people around them to […]

Richard Branson’s Capturing

While many of us are insisting that “we’ll remember” and therefore don’t need to write things down, it appears that Richard Branson has made quite a few comments on the power of carrying a portable notebook at all times: Quote 1 On how to get ideas for new products: “Always […]

How I Do My Capturing

As a supplement to the work we are doing this week on Capturing, I thought that I’d share my personal approach to Capturing, and why I consider myself a Green Belt. I will also describe some of the challenges that I have when I capture, and my plans for changing […]

Professional Un-productivity

As mentioned before, the task of comparing one worker to another in terms of their productivity has become much harder. However, the results of examining their in-box can give a good insight into how productive they are. In other words, a person who has an in-box of thousands of items […]

Learning a Habit I Forgot

I am reading the #1 New York Times Best Seller – The Four Hour Work Week and finding it quite entertaining. As someone who lives in Jamaica, it would seem that I am living the author’s dream to some extent! More on this later, to be sure. One immediate benefit […]