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Writing the Next Book 2

I’m in the process of writing ┬ámy next book and once again, I’m enjoying the process. Whereas my last book was a novel, forcing me to learn how to write an interesting story, this book is a traditional how-to: something you’d expect in the genre of time-based productivity. In some ways it will encapsulate almost […]

perfect 3d short

Get Happy Mon! Volkswagen Parody of Jamaicans

Three days before the launch of my book, Bill’s Imperfect Time Management Adventure, comes an advertisement from Volkswagen poking fun at Jamaicans… with a short mention of our relationship to time management. I didn’t find it offensive… it’s actually the reason why I started studying time management in the first place. When I moved to […]

A “Heckuva” Month – a post Sandy update

October was a “heckuva” month. Hurricane Sandy made its first landfall here in Jamaica, before lashing out at Cuba, Haiti, The Bahamas and the north-eastern United States. Everything came to a screeching halt as we lost Internet, water, power and telephone service (but not mobile service.) Fortunately, our home suffered minimal damage and despite a […]