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Upcoming Changes to the 2Time blog

You’re likely to notice some changes in the format of this newsletter as I head into the last stages of editing my new book: Perfect Time-Based Productivity. It’s due out in a month or so, but its content is causing me to make some big changes to my blog and also this newsletter / ezine. […]

Google search results 7-10-12

A Cool Accomplishment – Page 1 on Google

I just verified that this website,, the home of 2Time Labs, is showing up on the first page of a Google search for the combination of terms – time + management + research.  I discovered this fact here in Jamaica, and had  friend verify it for the US, but I have no idea about […]

Time for a Change of Gears

As you may have noticed, over the past three months I have taken the chance to step away from regular posts to the 2Time Labs website.  While some of that time was spent writing my book (a business fable based on on Time Management 2.0 principles) I also spent some time looking at a new […]

Why I’m Inspired by CK Prahalad

A long time ago when I was a young consultant at AT&T Bell Labs I remember reading and then advocating the ideas of CK Prahalad, the recently deceased professor, thought leader and management consultant. He shared some of his interviews before his death in Strategy and Business, on the topic of thought leadership and the […]

Curious? I Have Upgraded My About Page

I am amazed to say that one of the most popular pages of my website is the About page that describes who I am, what 2Time Labs is all about and also offers a definition of Time Management 2.0. To be honest, when I developed the page I thought no0one would read it.  Apparently, I […]

More Than a New Tag-Line

I have a new tag-line at my site:  “The World’s Best Resource for Time Management 2.0” It struck me a few days ago as I was looking around for resources to recommend for a class I’m teaching, that I had nowhere on the Internet to point them to better than my own site.  I don’t […]

Perfect Time Management

I have come up with a working title for my book — “Perfect Time Management.” Where did that particular name come from? I have been scratching my head for a few weeks thinking about this as I work on it, trying to imagine what the ultimate and ideal result might be for someone who reads […]

A New Name for This Blog

I have been considering coming up with a new name for my blog. Up until now, I have used the word “system” to describe the 2Time approach, but am starting to think that I have it all wrong. I have never wanted 2Time to replace GTD®, Covey or any other particular system, but instead to […]

Questions and Suggestions

I just visited an interesting blog in which the author devotes Fridays to answering questions from his readers. I’d like to do something similar, and to invite readers to make suggestions and ask questions that I will answer on Fridays, and if I don’t get any questions during the week, I’ll just post up a […]