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How to Use Dezhi Wu’s Time Management Research to

As I shared in the prior series of four posts on this topic, Dezhi Wu’s book “Temporal Structures in Individual Time Management: Practices to Enhance Calendar Tool Design” is a breakthrough piece of research. It’s the dawn of a new age, I hope — time management researchers are actually tackling the problems that ordinary people […]

Update on Dezhi Wu’s Research #2

I’m still working through the first chapter of Dezhi Wu’s book “Temporal Structures in Individual Time Management,” but it’s already leading to some interesting places. She used four criteria to characterize individual time management quality: planning meeting deadlines sensing a lack of time control engaging in procrastinating She found great differences between good and bad […]

A New Frontier for Time Management

There are some exciting technologies being developed in the world of gaming that will produce a tremendous breakthrough in time management skills. Here’s why. Time management as a field has suffered over the years from a problem of measurement. There is currently no single, easy, agreed upon way to measure one’s personal productivity.  This is […]