Belt System

Update on Dezhi Wu’s Research #2

I’m still working through the first chapter of Dezhi Wu’s book “Temporal Structures in Individual Time Management,” but it’s already leading to some interesting places. She used four criteria to characterize individual time management quality: planning meeting deadlines sensing a lack of time control engaging in procrastinating She found great […]

Best Practices in Time Management 1

Is there such a thing as a best practice in time management? It might seem that this is a no-brainer… of course there are things one should be doing, and things one should not be doing! I would argue the opposite, based on my experience of teaching time management programs.  […]

Assessing Your Time Management Skills

A key part of the 2Time system is a notion I created of different skill levels. Many  people think that you either have time management skills or you don’t, and that it’s an all-or-nothing phenomenon. Few, including the time management gurus, talk about having a range of skills and working […]