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The Time Management System You Need

One of the ideas that we promote here at 2Time Labs is that each person needs a time management system that effectively allows them to handle the number of time demands that show up in their life on a daily basis. The corollary to this statement is the idea that each person doesn’t necessarily need […]

Update on Dezhi Wu’s Research #2

I’m still working through the first chapter of Dezhi Wu’s book “Temporal Structures in Individual Time Management,” but it’s already leading to some interesting places. She used four criteria to characterize individual time management quality: planning meeting deadlines sensing a lack of time control engaging in procrastinating She found great differences between good and bad […]

A Black Belt? Why I Have No Idea What It Is

In most classes I have lead based on the 2Time principles I have been asked the question:  Why isn’t there a definition for Black Belts, or any belt above Green? The reason is a personal one. I didn’t want to make things so easy for me that I’d have no space to grow. You see, […]

Best Practices in Time Management

Is there such a thing as a best practice in time management? It might seem that this is a no-brainer… of course there are things one should be doing, and things one should not be doing! I would argue the opposite, based on my experience of teaching time management programs.  Here’s why. I assume that […]


Nothing New in Time Management

I sense that there is a certain fatigue around the topic of time management. I remember a time in the early 1990’s when productivity tools were all the rage, and you wouldn’t be caught dead without a DayTimer, FiloFax or Dayrunner folder equipped with custom tabs from Staples or Office Depot. These weren’t entertainment devices, […]


Green Belt vs. White Belt Excuses

One of the key differences that I explain in my training classes between White and Green Belts is the excuses they give when something fails. Let’s imagine that both are late for a function such as a wedding, by 30 minutes. White Belts would often explain the error by using an excuse that’s memory based: […]

Assessing Your Time Management Skills

A key part of the 2Time system is a notion I created of different skill levels. Many  people think that you either have time management skills or you don’t, and that it’s an all-or-nothing phenomenon. Few, including the time management gurus, talk about having a range of skills and working continuously to improve them over […]