More on Paper Use

An avid reader of this site sent me the following comment: There is one thing that stands out to me, however, and that is that you seem to link using paper with using memory. I write everything down so that I don’t have to use my memory. Listing can be […] 1

As an aside, I have found an interesting new web-service that’s called that I think is quite interesting. It’s offered to groups that need to coordinate project actions in a transparent way, and to keep a single point of reference for who is doing what. It seems quite easy […]

List of 100 Steps to GTD Mastery 2

I thought that this list, The GTD® Mastery 100 – Checklist for Greatness, was an interesting one, as it uses the idea of a progression of skills from one level to another. The idea of having to work through 100 items is daunting, but it still makes for interesting reading. […]

An Analysis of a Single System

I just read a fascinating account of how how a blogger called Ricky Spears experimented with a new paper-based time management system that he ultimately rejected. It reminded me of why I could never go back to using paper, and why I bought my first Palm PDA without ever looking […]

Outlook Newsletter

This looks to me like a pretty in-depth newsletter on how best to use Outlook. I don’t think it gets into the design of the software, but it seems to get into some useful distinctions about how best to manage tasks. Once again, however, the system described happens to match […]

An Interesting Article on GTD

Wired magazine just published a new edition that included a story on the founder of GTD® (Getting Things Done), David Allen. Much was made of his spiritual background and beliefs, and some have proclaimed the story a “Slam Job“, with the intention being to make him and his work look […]