Michael Einstein Interview   Recently updated !

How do you prepare for a future in which there are not only more time demands, but fresh new channels of delivery? In this podcast from 2Time Labs, I interview Dr. Michael Einstein and develop into this question, based on his research. Click here to listen in and don’t forget […]


When you try to do everything you think of doing   Recently updated !

This is an excerpt from the book, Embracing the Now by Gina Lake. One reason people feel overwhelmed by life is that they expect to be able to do everything they think of doing. But thinking is a lot easier than doing! It takes time to accomplish things – as […]

Dawna Ballard Interview

In this interview with Dawna Ballard, we discuss what is needed to make positive change in organizations. She’s a professor of sociology at the University of Texas at Austin and an expert in how time is abound to communication. It’s a stimulating conversation about how to be a change leader, […]

dawna ballard

Brigid Shulte Overwhelmed combo

Interview of Brigid Shulte

Brigid Shulte is the author of Overwhelmed: How to Work, Love and Play when No-One Has the Time. I sat down with her and in our conversation, we examined the disparate impact the changing world of work has had on female professionals. Click here to be taken to the podcast. […]

Time cannot be managed by Nightingale

The Confusion “Time Management” Has Created   Recently updated !

The idea that “time cannot be managed” has now entered the popular consciousness, never to go away. A brief search on YouTube or Google yields a growing number of bloggers and podcasters sharing the ideas that time management is impossible showing that this particular meme – so rarely heard until […]