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Why Are There So Few Studies of Time Demand Completion?

Why have there been so few studies of what happens to time demands after we create them? In this post, I go hunting for some answers. This week, I uncovered a great article written by Judith Ouellette and Wendy Wood. It’s entitled “Habit and intention in everyday life: The multiple processes by which past behavior […]

The Confusion “Time Management” Has Created

The idea that “time cannot be managed” has now entered the popular consciousness, never to go away. A brief search on YouTube or Google yields a growing number of bloggers and podcasters sharing the ideas that time management is impossible showing that this particular meme – so rarely heard until recently – is here to […]

Time cannot be managed by Nightingale

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Why The World is (Not) Working Against You

An interesting article ¬†from Eric Barker’s excellent blog – Barking Up the Wrong Tree – describes some of the work Dan Ariely is doing to work out the irrational behavior we demonstrate in the world of time management. Among the great points he makes (all supported by recent research) is the notion that the world […]

Participant Profile Analysis

In my book, Perfect Time-Based Productivity, I mention the fact that Andrew Staroscik, a data visualization expert, has helped me pull together some unique views of the data I have collected so far. As you recall, each person who has completed the training has used a form to evaluate their skills in each of the […]

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Big Ideas! Time Management Does Not Exist

Welcome to my discussion page in which I hope to delve into the question of whether time management exists or not. At the moment, there’s not much to see, other than an excerpt from by upcoming book: Perfect Time-Based Productivity. Once the book is finished, it will become a topic I’ll be working on, probably […]

Upcoming Changes to the 2Time blog

You’re likely to notice some changes in the format of this newsletter as I head into the last stages of editing my new book: Perfect Time-Based Productivity. It’s due out in a month or so, but its content is causing me to make some big changes to my blog and also this newsletter / ezine. […]

Chapter 4 – Perfect Time-Based Productivity

Chapter 4 (draft)       Chapter 4 – What’s Happening Beneath the Surface? (In which we learn that there is something happening behind the scenes of our productivity system that we don’t fully understand.)   “When I get into the car each morning, that’s when it starts. I start replying to email because stuff […]

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How to Create Great, Original Time Management Content

Is your time management content looking like a pale copy of other people’s original stuff? If you’re like me, you have read almost all the books and blogs out there on time-based productivity. In fact, you find yourself repeating the same tired ideas that are floating around – even though you try to make them […]