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Here’s a Researcher Who Spent a Year Tackling One Productivity Technique Per Week 6

The ultimate Lifehacker is not someone who scours the Internet looking to find random tips, tricks and shortcuts. Instead, we should all take a leaf out of Melanie Wilson’s blog, in which she conducted a year-long experiment in 2013, tackling and implementing one new improvement technique each week. Her approach was simple. Each week she […]

Writing the Next Book 3

I’m in the process of writing ┬ámy next book and once again, I’m enjoying the process. Whereas my last book was a novel, forcing me to learn how to write an interesting story, this book is a traditional how-to: something you’d expect in the genre of time-based productivity. In some ways it will encapsulate almost […]

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CEO’s and College Students – Do They Manage Their Time in Similar Ways?

It’s an intriguing thought. Are there similarities in the ways that CEO’s and college students manage their time? It’s a topic that I’m giving some attention to due to some research that I uncovered while reading an article about the ways that law students manage their time. My first effort to delve into this topic […]

Solving Scheduling Problems – Summary of Our Findings

There are a handful of working professionals who have chosen to use their calendars as their hub for all their planning activity. The challenges they run into are only rarely mentioned in time management and productivity books, programs and websites: the overwhelming conventional wisdom states that it’s impossible to use a schedule in this way, […]